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Do you feel invisible even though you make everyone else feel seen & heard?

Counseling that supports you in becoming a priority.

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The Counseling Experience 

Whether you're skeptical, eager, scared, hesitant, or curious:
Give yourself the opportunity to explore what it could feel like to be seen & listened to.

Afraid to share your
thoughts, feelings, & experiences
with a stranger?

Me too, spending time truly getting to know one another and seeing if we work well together is the only way counseling works effectively.

Feel like you should be able to handle what you're dealing with on your own?

You're already doing that, and

it's likely overwhelming and exhausting.

Consider if you're open to experiencing what counseling support could feel like.

Prefer to handle your emotions by thinking your way out of them instead of feeling them?

I think we all do to an extent.

And at some point, many of us have the thought that it isn't working, at least long-term.

Counseling will challenge you, but in the healthiest of ways. 

A Little
About Me

I help individuals become as much of a priority in their own lives as they make other people.

Beginning counseling is a unique process that stirs up various emotions because of the "don't know what to expect" feeling. To me, the opportunity to talk one-on-one through a free 15-minute consultation is the best way for you to consider if I am a counselor you feel you could connect with and meet what you’re looking for. Connecting through a call gives you the ability to get a sense of how our personalities could work together, learn more about my approach to counseling, and ask any questions or concerns that may come up for you. I don’t believe there should be pressure to immediately commit to working with a counselor, instead, the focus should be on your comfort with what starting the counseling journey could feel like.

If you find yourself so focused on making others in your life happy that you've made your needs & wants as invisible to yourself as they are to others, I can help.

Individual Counseling

with individuals 18 years and older

60 minute sessions

We are taught to control the body by way of the mind, which is considered far superior...but without the body as a unifying figure of existence, we become fragmented. We repress our aliveness and become machinelike, easily manipulated. We lose our testing ground for truth.

Anodea Judith

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