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About Me

Psychologist & Licensed Professional Counselor

I help individuals become as much of a priority in their own lives as they make other people. From my professional experience, individuals who feel afraid to set limits often live with the feeling of obligation to serve the needs of others. This leads individuals to become unaware of their own needs and an inability to even identify what those needs are. In turn, people begin looking outside themselves to find ways to heal or resolve the unwanted feelings, physical body sensations, and emotions they are experiencing.

If you are open and curious to explore how your mind and body already know what needs to be done to create the shift in your life that you’re looking for, then together, we can accomplish helping you feel seen and heard, regardless of what others in your life do.


Licensed Professional Counselor: PC010673

National Certified Counselor: 744587


The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Doctoral Degree in International Psychology with a concentration in Trauma Services (2022)

Philadelphia University (now Jefferson University)

Master's Degree in Community and Trauma Counseling (2017)

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (2015)

My Virtual Office

It is important for you to hear about privacy and confidentiality in terms of the telehealth counseling setting. As a psychologist and licensed professional counselor, I am bound by an ethical code of conduct that requires me to maintain client confidentiality, privacy, and HIPPA compliance. When meeting with clients, I hold sessions in my private home office, away from everyone else, and use headphones and a white noise machine to help block out any sounds. The platform I use for sessions, Zoom, is HIPAA compliant and suitable for use in healthcare, ensuring privacy and protection for you.

A major benefit of meeting for counseling via telehealth is the ability to meet with your counselor at a time and place that works well for you. With that being said, it is necessary to consider what steps you need to take in order to maintain your own privacy when we meet. It is important to think of other people that may be around or nearby when we meet that could overhear our conversation. Wearing headphones also adds a level of privacy for you as they prevent the things I say from being heard by others aside from you. Thinking through these concerns in advance can help to ensure that our sessions are private and confidential. 

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